How to Clean Soccer Cleats: 5 Simple and Effective Techniques

Soccer cleats are essential for any soccer player, as they provide the necessary traction and protection needed to play the game; which is why it is important to know how to clean soccer cleats. However, keeping them clean can be a challenge. Dirt and mud accumulate quickly on your cleats during a match or practice session, making it hard to keep them looking new.

Fortunately, there are several easy methods that you can use to effectively clean your soccer cleats without damaging them in any way. In this article, we’ll discuss five simple techniques for how to clean soccer cleats so that they stay looking like new.

How to Clean Soccer Cleats Quick Guide

Learning how to clean soccer cleats is essential to help them last longer and perform better. Here are some useful techniques to keep your soccer cleats in prime condition, continue reading below for more.

  1. Remove Mud & Dirt Right Away
  2. Remove Laces & Soles
  3. Use Warm, Soapy Water
  4. Dry with a clean cloth or air dry
  5. Stuff old newspaper inside

How to Clean Soccer Cleats: Techniques

Remove Mud & Dirt Right Away

how to clean soccer cleats
  • We understand that cleaning your cleats after a tough game may not be your preference, but it is important to develop a habit of doing so. Once it becomes part of your routine, it will become easier and more natural. As soon as the game is over, switch to slide sandals or sneakers.
  • To clear out any debris stuck between your studs, use a popsicle stick. Knock them together, with one stud against the other, to remove any remaining dirt. Finally, put the sticks in a plastic bag and go home.

Remove Laces & Soles

how to clean soccer cleats
  • To keep your boots in great condition, follow these steps: When you arrive home, take off your boots and remove the laces and removable soles.
  • Put the laces and soles together in an old pillowcase.
  • Wash them in warm water and your preferred laundry detergent using a standard washing machine.
  • Once washed, your boots will look and smell like new again with clean laces and fresh-smelling soles.

Use Warm, Soapy Water

how to clean soccer cleats
  • To clean the rest of your soccer cleats, you need to put in a little more effort. First, mix warm water with a few drops of laundry detergent in a bowl. Make sure the solution isn’t too soapy, but if you’re struggling to get the dirt off, add more detergent.
  • Then, use a soft cloth and toothbrush to clean both the inside and outside of your cleats. Remember, don’t submerge them in water to clean them. 
  • Keeping your soccer cleats clean is crucial for their longevity and appearance throughout the season. Although it may be time-consuming, it’s an essential step that will benefit you in the long run. If you take good care of your boots, they will perform well on the field.

Dry with a clean cloth or air dry

how to clean soccer cleats
  • After rinsing off the soap, put away the damp cloth if you used it. Use the dry cloth to keep absorbing the moisture from the cleat, starting from the upper part all the way down to the sole plate, until there is no liquid left.
  • Drying your cleats by leaving them outside to air dry is an optional method that can be just as effective and hassle-free as other methods. However, you should check the weather forecast beforehand to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Stuff old newspaper inside

  • To dry the wet insole of your cleats, fill them with a moisture-absorbing substance. You can use old newspapers for this purpose, but they may need to be replaced every few hours depending on their level of dampness.
  • To keep your cleat smelling fresh, make sure to dry the inside as well. Some people have used teabags or other items to achieve this result in the past.

Common Questions About How to Clean Soccer Cleats

Why learn how to clean soccer cleats?

To make your cleats last longer, make sure to clean them often. When you’re ready for a deep clean, take out the detachable insole and laces. Scrub them separately with soap and water, and wait until they’re dry before putting them back into your cleats.

What to know about cleaning soccer cleats?

  • To clean your upper shoe portion effectively, mix some dish or hand soap with cool water and use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the cleats. After that, wipe away any remaining soap using a damp cloth before proceeding to clean the shoe soles. 
  • To prevent leather cleats from cracking, it is recommended not to immerse them in water. Additionally, avoid using hot water as it can also cause damage. After washing, use a towel to thoroughly dry them. 
  • To dry wet cleats from the inside, use newspaper to absorb moisture and retain their shape. Avoid drying them in direct sunlight or with heat from a hair dryer, as this can weaken their structure. 
  • It’s important not to wash or dry your cleats in a machine, as this can cause significant damage to them. 
  • To maintain and improve the condition and color of leather cleats, it is recommended to polish them after cleaning. This will help prevent cracking in case they become too dry. Leather food or conditioner can be used to restore the natural oils of the leather.

How should I wash my soccer cleats?

To keep soccer cleats in good condition, it’s recommended to wash them by hand. This involves scrubbing them with a gentle cleaning solution such as warm water mixed with laundry detergent and leaving them to air dry. Avoid putting them in the dryer as the high temperature can harm the cleats.

How do you treat stinky soccer cleats at home?

To get rid of bad shoe odor, you can try leaving two dry tea bags inside each shoe overnight. Another alternative is to sprinkle a few teaspoons of baking soda in each shoe, leave it overnight, and vacuum it the next day. This is the simplest and most efficient solution.

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From removing mud and dirt from the studs, using a brush or cloth for cleaning, and drying with a towel – these steps will help you extend the life of your beloved cleats!

Final Thoughts

Cleaning your soccer cleats regularly is essential for keeping them in good condition and helping you perform at your best during games. With the tips we’ve outlined, you should now have all the knowledge necessary to understand how to clean soccer cleats and keep your cleats looking like new!

If done correctly, it’s a simple process that requires minimal effort but can make a huge difference when it comes to how long they last and how well they help you play on the field. Now that you know how to clean soccer cleats, you can get cleaning those beloved soccer cleats of yours!