How to Get into Watching Soccer: 9 Tips for New Fans

Are you interested in how to get into watching soccer? (or football, as it is known around the world)? Watching soccer can be an exciting and rewarding experience for all those who are willing to give it a try. With its high-speed action, thrilling shots on goal, and team play that requires both physical and mental prowess, there’s something for everyone when watching this beautiful game.

But if you’re new to the sport or simply don’t know where to begin, getting into soccer can seem like a daunting task. That’s why we’ve put together this guide with nine tips to help you on how to get into watching soccer as a new fan of the world’s most popular sport!

How to Get into Watching Soccer Quick Guide

Watching soccer can be fun and exciting! To get started, find a local team to follow. Look for games on TV or streaming online. Here are nine different ways how to get into watching soccer. for more details continue reading below.

  1. Start watching games on TV
  2. Get informed about the different leagues
  3. Learn about the players
  4. Join a recreational league
  5. Join a fan club
  6. Participate in fan initiatives
  7. Talk about soccer
  8. Read books about the history of the sport
  9. Watch the MLS

How to Get into Watching Soccer: Tips

Once you start watching, it’s easy to get hooked on the game. Check out these nine tips for how to get into watching soccer to gain even more understanding and appreciation for the game. Enjoy!

Start watching games on TV

Don’t know how to get into watching soccer? Since soccer is played year-round, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to watch matches on TV. Consider watching one or more of the top European leagues, as they have some of the most exciting soccer games.

Alternatively, you can find out which leagues are broadcasted at a time that’s convenient for you. One way to get into soccer is by going to pubs to watch games with friends or locals. Being around others and feeling their energy can help pique your interest in the sport.

Get informed about the different leagues

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To find the league that suits your preferences, watch games from multiple countries to experience the differences in styles. Begin by watching the top five European leagues. The English Premier League is renowned for its high-scoring, physical, and fast-paced style of play.

The play style of different football leagues is different. Serie A in Italy is famous for its technical skills and defensive style of play. La Liga in Spain has a quick passing game and is in between the scoring levels of the English and Italian leagues.

Two of the most exciting teams in the world, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, belong to this league. The Bundesliga of Germany is famous for both physical and technical play and has strong teams throughout the table.

Learn about the players

Start by visiting the websites of the top leagues to find detailed information about their players. Begin with the most well-known players.

For the past decade, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have been among the best players in the world. Ronaldo is currently playing for Manchester United, a Premier League club, while Messi is playing for Paris Saint-Germain.

Join a recreational league

To better understand and appreciate soccer, it’s crucial to get some hands-on experience playing the sport. Practice dribbling the ball on the grass, bouncing it off walls, and even learning to juggle with your knees. This genuine love of the game will foster a deep passion for soccer.

If you’re too busy for a league, you can still play street soccer with just a ball and willing players. Although it may not follow official regulations with equipment, field size, or teams, you can still enjoy a fun game.

Join a fan club

Joining a club can help you feel like a valued member of the fan community and enhance your passion for the sport. When selecting a club to support, many fans typically choose one based on their hometown, a city, or a region they feel connected to.

You can pick a club to support based on their playing style, your preferred players, or simply by choosing one that is easier to follow through television and media coverage. You can ask your friends or family for club recommendations as another option.

Participate in fan initiatives

When you want to know how to get into watching soccer, engaging in activities like face painting and interactive games can help supporters bond while providing entertainment. You may also consider buying support materials such as T-shirts, scarves, or hats to wear during games to distinguish yourself as a dedicated supporter.

Talk about soccer

To improve your knowledge, you should discuss ongoing games with other fans. Showing continued interest in the sport and its players is key to becoming a devoted and knowledgeable fan.

To chat with fans who share your love of football, you might want to think about joining online forums. Pick a forum that aligns with your team or league preference.

Another way to enjoy and learn more about football is by participating in online trivia quizzes. It will challenge your current knowledge and provide new information about the sport.

Read books about the history of the sport

To fully enjoy the game, it helps to have a strong grasp of the historical context and how sports strategies have evolved. There are various choices available based on your preferences.

To learn more about the sport’s history, read David Goldblatt’s “The Ball is Round: A Global History of Football.” To dive into strategy and tactics, check out Jonathan Wilson’s “Inverting the Pyramid: The History of Soccer Tactics.” And for guidance on how to watch and comprehend the sport, “How to Watch Soccer” by Ruud Gullit is a great resource.

Watch the MLS

If’re looking for games that are convenient for your timezone, the top leagues in the USA and Canada are a good choice. Although the European leagues have a higher level of play, the games in North America are often fast-paced and physical, and their fans are known to be less pretentious.

Common Questions About How to Get into Watching Soccer

How to watch soccer?

Which TV channels broadcast soccer matches? Soccer games are broadcasted on channels such as NBC, ESPN, FS1, and beIN SPORTS. Depending on your selected plan, cable, satellite, and live TV streaming services offer several soccer channels. However, fuboTV provides the most comprehensive coverage, and we recommend it.

How to get started watching football?

Choosing a team to follow for the season can be very rewarding. It helps you learn the players’ names and become invested in their success. If you watch a game where your team isn’t playing, try to choose a team to cheer for, even if it’s just for that one game.

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From understanding the different leagues and tournaments to finding great matches to watch.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to get into watching soccer, you can get started on your journey toward becoming a true fan of this incredible game. Watching soccer can be a great way to stay entertained and learn more about the sport. With some research, you can find out which leagues are best suited for your viewing preferences and start following teams or players that you enjoy.

Additionally, there are many streaming services available so that you don’t have to miss any of the action. Whether it’s through attending games in person or by keeping up with news online, getting into watching soccer is an enjoyable experience that will bring lots of joy! So why not give it a try?