How to Wash Soccer Shin Guards: 5 Easy Steps for Hygiene

Want to know how to wash soccer shin guards? It is important to ensure that your soccer shin guards are kept clean and hygienic. This not only helps reduce the spread of bacteria but also keeps them in good condition for longer.

Washing your shin guards correctly can be a tricky task, but with our guide on how to wash soccer shin guards, you’ll have no problems! In just five easy steps you’ll learn how to keep your equipment clean and germ-free. So let’s get started!

How to Wash Soccer Shin Guards Quick Guide

Follow these steps for how to wash soccer shin guards and your soccer shin guards should be good as new! With a little bit of care and attention, you will be able to keep your soccer shin guards in great condition for a long time. For more details continue reading below.

  1. Remove any dirt or debris
  2. Fill a sink with warm water and dish soap
  3. Submerge the shin guards
  4. Allow the shin guards to air dry
  5. Apply Scented Spray

How to Wash Soccer Shin Guards Steps

Cleaning and maintaining your soccer shin guards is important to keep them in tip-top shape. Here’s a quick guide on how to wash soccer shin guards to keep them performing their best for you.

Remove any dirt or debris

how to wash soccer shin guards
  • Use a soft, damp cloth to gently brush the shin guards and remove any dirt or debris that may be stuck on the surface.
  • Washing your shin guards by hand is a good option, especially if they have stains. You don’t have to do this all the time, just whenever there are stains.
  • For cleaning your shin guards, it’s recommended to use a hard-bristled brush. Then, prepare a mixture of soap and water, dip the brush in it, and scrub both the cloth and plastic parts of the shin guards.

Fill a sink with warm water and dish soap

how to wash soccer shin guards
  • Fill a sink with warm water and a small amount of dish soap or laundry detergent (both work great). Avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach, as these can damage the shin guards.
  • If you don’t feel safe washing your shin guards in a washing machine, you can opt for soaking them in a bucket of hot, soapy water instead. Just add some detergent to make it sudsy and your shin guards should be clean.
  • In general, it is recommended to soak them for 15 to 20 minutes to effectively eliminate most bacteria.

Submerge the shin guards and Rinse Thoroughly 

how to wash soccer shin guards
  • Submerge the shin guards in the soapy water and gently scrub them to help loosen any dirt or stains. You may also use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the surface of the shin guards.
  • Make sure to rinse the shin guards with clean water thoroughly to get rid of any soap residue.

Allow the shin guards to air dry

how to wash soccer shin guards
  • Make sure to allow the shin guards to completely air dry before using them again. It’s best to avoid drying them in direct sunlight or with a heat source, as this can make the shin guards stiff or brittle.
  • To dry your shin guards, find a clothesline and let them air dry. Although it may take a few hours, your shin guards will be in better condition and last longer without experiencing unnecessary damage.

Apply Scented Spray

  • After allowing them to completely dry, you may apply a small quantity of silicone spray on the surface in order to maintain their flexibility and prevent cracking.
  • If you are concerned about unpleasant odors coming from your shin guards, you can use scent sprays like Febreeze to temporarily mask the smell until you can clean them thoroughly.

Common Questions About How to Wash Soccer Shin Guards

Can you put soccer shin guards in the wash?

To wash your shin guards without damaging them, use the gentle cycle on your washing machine. Place them in a pillowcase or delicates bag that is zipped up to avoid scratches.

How do you get the smell out of soccer shin guards?

To remove odor and extend the lifespan of your shin guards, try hand washing them in warm, soapy water to eliminate sweat and oils from the synthetic material and foam. After that, while they are still wet, sprinkle baking soda on them, let them soak for five to ten minutes, and then rinse.

How often should you was your soccer shin guards?

To avoid the hassle of washing, it’s sufficient to wash your shin guards every one or two months. However, you can improve their longevity by taking them out of your soccer bag after every game and allowing them to air out.

Leaving the shin guards in the bag can retain moisture which causes a bad odor and makes it unpleasant for other things in the bag.

What to look for in quality shin guards?

  • To ensure proper protection, decide on the level you require for your soccer shin guards. They are usually designed to strike a balance between flexibility and protection. There are shin guards that slip into the sock and only cover the shins, while some have ankle support built-in.
  • When choosing shin guards, focus on finding a pair that fits comfortably around your shin without limiting your movement. Look for shin guards with adjustable straps or closures to ensure that they stay in place. If these bother your legs, try using slide-in shin pads that can be covered with a sock and won’t move around.
  • When shopping for shin guards, prioritize materials that are durable and high-quality. Seek out options made from materials like high-density foam or polyurethane, as these tend to provide better protection and comfort in the long run.
  • One way to evaluate the performance and quality of different shin guards is by reading reviews from other customers. Look for reviews that specifically discuss the fit, comfort, and effectiveness of the shin guards.

Video ProTips: How To Choose Soccer Shin Guards

Do you need to learn how to clean soccer shin guards? Then this video is for you! Learn the best way to choose and care for your shin guards so that they remain in top condition. Find out which materials are safe to use, what techniques work best, and more.

Final Thoughts

Overall, washing soccer shin guards is an important part of taking care of your equipment and keeping it in good condition. By following these simple steps on how to wash soccer shin guards,

you can ensure that your shin guards are clean and free from germs while also helping them last longer.

With a bit of regular maintenance, you’ll be able to enjoy playing with properly cleaned shin guards for many years. Remember: always check the manufacturer’s instructions before laundering any sports gear!